Team Teach

Dean Cotton of Positive Behaviour Strategies Ltd is a licensed Principal tutor for Team Teach. Team Teach is accredited by The Institute of Conflict Management (ICM) and provides training for children and adult services in positive handling strategies through a whole setting holistic approach, working with leadership and management, actively committed to reducing restraint and risk.

All Team Teach techniques have undergone (2006 & 2009) a thorough legal, medical and tactical risk assessment review, carried out by three independent, medical and legal experts.

Team - Teach training has received the highest level of award in the U.K, a National Training Award. This government supported award is presented to entries who have demonstrated exceptional achievement through training and development. Judges described the training materials as effective. They were impressed by the support infrastructure and the robust quality control and assurance processes. They observed that it was a clearly needed service and its innovative approaches have delivered significant benefits to schools and local authorities.


Course Aims 

  • To promote the least intrusive positive handling strategy and a continuum of gradual and graded techniques, with an emphasis and preference for the use of verbal, non-verbal de-escalation strategies being used and exhausted before positive handling strategies are utilised.


  • To enable services develop acceptable and authorised responses to disruptive, disturbing, angry and aggressive behaviours in a manner that maintains positive relationships and provides safety for all, by training in Team-Teach.


  • To reduce the amount of serious incidents involving physical controls in all settings and to emphasise the importance of exhausting behaviour management strategies in the first instance.


  • To increase the awareness of staff concerning the importance of recording and reporting, monitoring and evaluating, all incidents involving positive handling.


  • To provide a process of repair and reflection for both staff and children.