How to teach behaviour Dean Cotton
This book explores the history of how we traditionally support and manage challenging behaviour and how we can improve teaching and learning through Post Incident Learning (PIL). The book also offers some alternative evidence based strategies that have a long term positive impact on individuals, teaching them lifelong skills and how to control their own behaviour.

How to teach behaviour and how not to is edited by John Urwin and is available from book shops and Amazon priced at just £6.99.
Dean Cotton and Frank Bruno

Behaviour Smart

Behaviour Smart is a new behaviour support and incident recording software that produces accurate incident reports and smart behaviour plans that improve behaviour and consistency. 


About Behaviour Smart

Behaviour Smart is a new incident recording, reporting and behaviour management software, but it’s so much more. 

Beautifully designed, Behaviour Smart helps services meet their obligation under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 by producing accurate incident reports and smart behaviour plans that aim to improve behaviour and consistency. The incident reports and plans can be shared with key people such as parents, carers, other professionals and your service user.

The incident recording section of Behaviour Smart meets current legislation and is simple and efficient. The questions the software asks help staff to be transparent and reflective. Behaviour Smart reduces the amount of time you spend filling out paperwork and gives you more time to work with the people who matter.

The unique algorithm uses the information you provide to automatically populate the smart behaviour plan. The plan can be edited later. 

The analytics within Behaviour Smart gives you the information you need a the touch of a button. Its graphs, charts and reports help you identify patterns in behaviour.

Behaviour Smart is a powerful behaviour tool developed by staff working in Education, Health and Social care.

Be smart about behaviour with Behaviour Smart. 


The Post Incident Learning (PIL) app is designed through research to teach individuals how to control their own behaviour. The simplicity of PIL means it can be used independently or with support, and can be personalised to the individual’s communication needs. PIL uses tried and tested theoretical approaches, which focus on experiences, feelings and behaviours.

The implementation of the PIL APP in a mainstream secondary school resulted in a 64.5% reduction in behaviour incidents.
The post incident learning app is available for free at GooglePlay and .99p at AppStore  
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